Corsten's Countdown 150 Contest Details

Want to take part in our contest with Ferry Costen and his radio show/podcast Corsten's Countdown? You could have your Cue Play DJ created mix featured on a special Corsten's Countdown 150 and win an Apple iPad! Just follow the instructions below and get in the mix!

Hurry! This contest ends on April 26th!

Download Cue Play DJ from the App Store. You will need an iPhone, and iPad, or an iPod Touch.


Next, download Cue Play Setlist. Cue Play Setlist is a free desktop companion that you will use to load music into Cue Play DJ and record your set for the contest.


Use Cue Play Setlist to load tracks into Cue Play DJ and prepare to record your mix. You can learn all about the process by viewing this tutorial video.










Now that you have tracks in Cue Play DJ, it is time to DJ! For the contest, you are going to use the four tracks provided by Flashover Records to record your mix. Start Cue Play DJ and hit the LOAD A button. When asked to unpack tracks, please select the Yes option. If you are already a Cue Play DJ user, go to Options/Demo Tracks, select Remove, and then close the application. Reopen the app and you should be will be asked to unpack the tracks the next time you hit Load.

Now you are ready to DJ! Check out our video tutorials on how to use Cue Play DJ. They are located on our Youtube channel.


Now it's time to record your mix. Open up Cue Play Setlist and click the Audio Stream tab.

Now start recording your mix. Double tap on the EQ section in Cue Play DJ and then tap TRANSMIT. Then click on the "Start session" button in Cue Play Setlist.

Now create your mix of the four Flashover Recordings tracks included in Cue Play DJ! Don't include any other tracks or your mix will be disqualified! Once you are done, select click "Save session" in Cue Play Setlist.






Now you are ready to save your mix. Just select the file name and where you would like to save it. Remember this, because you will need to upload this file in our entry form!





Now you can submit your mix! Just click on the link below. Read the official contest rules and use the web form to submit your mix! Good luck!