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Cue Play DJ unique features

Headphone Simulation

Cue Play DJ simulates the various headphones positions that DJs use. With the headphone button, you can switch back and forth between these following modes:

Headphone modes

'Master' simulates having headphones around your neck, listening to the master output.

'Mix' is for simulating one headphone on (listening to the cued track), with the off (listening to master).

'Track' is for when you want the headphones fully on, just listening to cued track.

Audio Streaming

The iPhone/iPod touch is limited to a single stereo audio-out, the headphone jack. Cue Play DJ overcomes this technical restriction by broadcasting the stereo master-output* over WiFi to Cue Play SetList on your computer. *Note: Due to WiFi latency there will be a short delay between the audio leaving the device and arriving in the desktop application, so this cannot be used as a traditional monitor. Headphone Simulation modes should be used when broadcasting.

audio stream diagram

Cue Play DJ

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NOTE: A huge update is only a few days away!

DJ Anywhere with Cue Play DJ – The World’s Most Advanced Mobile Digital DJing Solution. Part designed by DJ Ferry Corsten.

Introducing Cue Play DJ, a full digital DJing solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch! A flight, waiting room or couch can now be turned into a DJ booth, where you can seamlessly control all aspects of your audio experience. Supporting both wired (mono) and WiFi streaming (stereo) outputs for your speakers, you can turn any quiet room into a club environment from the palm of your hand! See Cue Play DJ in action!

Key Features

  • Industry standard interface familiar to all DJs
  • Simultaneous playback of 2 tracks at CD-quality. (wav/mp3/m4a supported)
  • +/- 10% pitch capabilities
  • 3-Band EQ w/Gain
  • EQ kill switches
  • Delay, Flanger, and Low Pass Filter effects
  • Crossfader
  • Automatic Track Syncing
  • Automatic BPM Detection
  • BPM Tap Mode
  • Multiple Stored Cue Points with Hot Cue capability
  • Looping (with auto-loop length calculation)
  • Use your own music (upload tracks over WiFi via Cue Play SetList.
  • Multiple Headphone Modes (Stereo cue/mix, Mono cue/mix, Split “Party” mode – mix/master)
  • WiFi Master Output Streaming to Cue Play Setlist (Can be recorded)

Cue Play DJ will continue to be supported with many exciting features to come.