Capsulated Software

Started in 2008, Capsulated Software is an independant software developer based in Osaka, Japan with a passion for music and gaming!


May 22nd 2019
Preparing for BitSummit 2019! All steam ahead to getting our new trailer ready for Tactical Galactical.

September 1st 2019
We're now on the wrapping up our Tokyo Game Show build for Tactical Galactical. Who will be the first to break our game? Come to our booth and find some bugs!

November 5th 2019
A new artist has joined. Time to polish the demo for Tactical Galactical.

December 11th 2019
The very first public demo build for Tactical Galactical has been uploaded to Steam. Releasing soon! However, the demo will only be available to download for 6 days. Hurry! Hurry!